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Printing on CD, DVD and Blu-ray disks

Our offer varies from the cheapest, immediate sticker, digital full colour print with UV light toughening, termotransfer - one colour print, screen printing (from one to five colours), to the offset printing. Send or bring by yourself the project and we will advice what method to use and choose the best relation of quality to your budget. When printing the sticker, digital UV or termotransfer we will make offhand a sample disk for acceptance.


Termotransfer - the sublimation printing technique, water resistant, on silver disks (like with sieve-print), ideal for instant low-quantity productions as an alternative to screen printing. Excellent look of vector graphics on a small surface with uniform colour. The basic service of firms providing printing services. Available in our company since 2003.


Digital - the ink-jet method printing, water resistant after varnish and UV light toughening, ideal for printing graphics and pictures. It's unsuitable for large areas of one, actual Pantone colour. Perfect for quick, low-quantity productions (up to 1000 pieces) with photo quality as an alternative to more expensive offset technique. Available  in our company since 2002.


Sticker - laser or wax printing (You can choose) on an adhesive paper. Very cheap and good quality printing, with full colour palette. Unfortunately it's not water or high temperature resistant. Ideal for client who want cheap, colour alternative, without attaching much importance to product durability. Available  in our company since 2009 (we've finally gave in... but we still inform that it's a nice looking, disposable product...)


Screen printing - the printing using high resolution sieve (net with 110lpi ruling), water resistant, ideal fo large, uniform areas with exact math of colours(ie. from Pantone palette). It's rather usuitable for for high quality pictures (too big screen). Very cheap for high volume printing and giving the professional look to the disk. Available  in our company since 2003.


Offset - The highest quality, full colour printing, ideal for larger productions (more than 500 pieces). It's unsuitable for partial coverage prints (the silver background of disk), requires high quality disks. Available  in our company since 2007.



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